About Screen Type

About Screen Type

About Screen Type

There are a wide range of kinds of screen types phones and it is important that we have an idea about these screen types before getting them. The screen additionally includes test of screen types to know their Contrast Ratio, Color Calibration, Brightness and Sunlight Legibility.

Screen types include:


TFT refers to Thin Film Transistor innovation. While LCD represents Liquid Crystal Display shows which includes Liquid Crystals. LCD showcases can be truly perceptible in direct sunlight.


IPS represents In-Place Switching. LCDs are higher than past TFT LCD screens with more extensive review edges and expends less power which prompts a much upgraded battery life.


OLED represents Organic Light Emitting Diode. It is an improved screen innovation for sort of display of telephones and PCs. It uses ‘natural’ LEDs which discharges light and gets rid of the need for the back light of the LCD bringing about a thinner.


AMOLED represents Active-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode. It likewise uses organic LEDs which releases light and in most of cases gets rid of the requirement for the back light of a LCD show bringing about a thinner panel.


Super AMOLED screens are further developed than AMOLED display screens and it is created by the Korean tech monster; Samsung.

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