5 Things That Can Limit Your Internet Speed In Nigeria

Limited Internet Speed

Limited Internet Speed

You all must have had one or two issues trying to browse the internet. known and unknown factors might contribute to hindering this technoholic or business activities on the web. Nigerian top service provider like MTN, Glo, Etisalat, Netcome, Cyberspace, Airtel etc have always and will always will be blamed for these issues but let me burst your bubbles ‘They are not the sole course of our Network issues’. This article sheds light on notable factors that limits internet speed in Nigeria.

Internet Speed Limiting Factors are:

Network and Location: Network Strength and coverage is a vital determinant in browsing process and speed in Nigeria. This doesn’t have to do with your phone type or network Spec rather it deals with the signal strength of the network provider in your location.

Top Android phones with network types like GSM/CDMA, 3G and 4G/ LTE are no exception when it comes to this as they can go bar-less in a network poor zone. The best way to deal with this issue is to know the best network for your area or wherever you are travelling to across the country.

Phone Type and its Network technology: Network Strength being constant, phones on 4 or 3 bands (HSDPA and 4G bands LTE band) are pace setters and far more stable than phones on 2G bands (GSM) and Edge. you can improve your browsing experience by purchasing phones with good network technology.

Data saving and Throttle: When your device is on a data saving mood certain browsing benefits might be on restriction, most times images are off and warnings are issued before certain content are loaded from the web. Data throttle is another way to limit the Mobile Data usage in any android system.  Bandwidth throttling is the slowing of Internet service by an Internet service provider after you’ve reached a certain threshold. However, bandwidth can also be set by a phone user through the mobile internet settings option or on a router while sharing Data.

Living Close to or Under a Power line: Apart from the health implications of living close to high voltage poles or wires, these implications can also affect network signals and strength. EMF and RF (Radio frequency) Signals are notable features of network transmission for devices and antennas. High voltage power lines do have quite an intense electromagnetic field that weakens RF signals therefor mobile phones will not work indoors, only roof mounted TV antenna’s will work and running anything like cordless phones or wireless networks will also have network signal issues.

Viruses: Once your phone is attacked by a virus or malware, it might be running in the background, connecting to the internet without your permission and draining your phone’s resources. Take precautions by installing an antivirus program, and only get add-ons and extensions from trusted sources. Also, Inefficient antivirus software can slow down your browser speed.

Other Limiting Factors include: Diabolical DNS, Full and Uncleared Cookies/Passwords, Number of  Wi-fi Users, The app or Software you are browsing with and so on

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