Google’s Blob Opera Lets Create Your Own Festive Songs with Ease


Christmas is just around the corner, and we all love hearing comforting Christmas songs at this time of the year. Google’s new machine learning experiment, called Blob Opera, aims to let you create a festive song from scratch and record it to share with the world. With the help of some adorable little blobs — reminiscent of Google’s much-loved old emoji — you can create festive songs before sharing them with friends and family.

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The machine learning-powered experiment by David Li, in collaboration with Google Arts & Culture, gives you control over four blobs that take up different opera voices — from bass to soprano. Creating your own song is as simple as dragging the blobs up, down, and sideways. While moving up and down changes the pitch, horizontal pulls change the vowel sound.

How does it work?

These colorful Blobs are powered by a machine learning model. Google developed this AI-powered model based on 16 hours of singing by four professional opera singers – Christian Joel (Tenor), Frederick Tong (Bass), Joanne Gamble (Mezzo-soprano), and Olivia Doutney (Soprano).

So, the model uses the knowledge it gained from the singers to make the blobs touch the right notes and create the right sounds to produce a melodious festive song.

Apart from the machine learning model that powers the singing of the blobs, there is another one that makes them sing together. So, when you drag a blob to make it sing, the others will join to create a melody that matches your pitch and vowel sound in real-time.

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