How To Save Instagram Videos

How To Save Instagram Video

Instagram is an American photo and video-sharing social networking service owned by Facebook, Inc. Instagram is a big part of the social media service’s content and is well known for its user-shared photos and videos.

Most times you may want to save Instagram videos to watch at a later time, or just to store on your computer or mobile device for posterity. Luckily, this can be done in just a couple of short minutes.

How to Save Your Own Instagram Videos or Stories

Saving stories or videos you uploaded on Instagram can be done by taking the following steps.

  • Open the Instagram app.
  • Open the story or video you wish to save.
  • Tap its corresponding menu button, located in the lower right-hand corner and represented by three dots.
  • When the pop-up menu appears, tap Save or Save Photo/Video. iOS users can also tap Save Story, which allows you to retrieve the entire contents of a story as one video file.

How to Save Another User’s Instagram Videos on Your Phone

Android and iOS users may have the option to save other users’ Instagram videos to their device’s camera roll but must do so through a third-party app.

Photo & Video Downloader for Instagram – Repost IG

With Video Downloader for Instagram and Repost Instagram App, You don’t need to log in. Just copy the link or share the link of the post and then the download will automatically start. It is super easy and fast. You can easily download photos and videos to your Android device. This way, you can enjoy downloaded photos and videos anytime, or share it with others. You can also easily copy hashtags and captions for the repost.

How to Use :
There are 2 methods to download:
1. Use ‘Share Link’
Step 1: Open Instagram and click on the “Share Link” of the photo or video you are interested in.
Step 2: Select InsTake Downloader to share
Done! The Instagram photo or video will be downloaded automatically

2. Use ‘Copy Link’
Step 1: Open Instagram and click on the “Copy Link” of the Instagram photo or video you are interested in.
Step 2: Open InsTake Downloader
Done! The Instagram photo or video will be downloaded automatically

Downloader for Instagram

Downloader for Instagram will help you download or repost videos, photos, or stories from Instagram that really caught your fancy.
Downloader for Instagram also entails an easy method of copying tags and text from Instagram.

And all of this is absolutely FREE OF CHARGE.


  • Download pictures or repost Instagram content
  • Download videos or repost Instagram content
  • Download a story or repost Instagram content
  • Save videos or pictures from Instagram to a gallery
  • Copy Instagram tags and text
  • Save IGTV video
  • Share your favorite videos and photos with your best pals

Download Downloader for Instagram From Play store

Video Downloader for Instagram, Repost- Instasaver

Use Video Downloader for Instagram- Repost, Story Saver- InstaSaver to repost with caption and hashtag to get more likes and follows. It’s simple and fast to download and repost on Instagram! You can also share downloaded video everywhere. This Instagram downloader also save IGTV video.

How to Use :
1. Open Instagram and copy Link of video, photo, story or highlight
Open InstaSaver
Download automatically!

2. Click “Share” and choose InstaSaver.

How to Repost:

1. Check the downloaded videos or photos
2. Click ” repost” to reshare, you can copy hashtag and caption before you


  • Super fast save videos
  • Story saver for Instagram, easy to save story and highlight
  • Easy repost videos with caption and hashtag using the best reposter
  • Fast save Instagram caption, hashtag for repost
  • Download video from IGTV 📺
  • Download video and image from private account
  • Save HD videos savefrom Insta
  • Play videos savefrom Insta or LGTV offline
  • Small sized lite
  • Safe, totally FREE, No ads!
  • Multiple download videos from instagram at the same time

DOWNLOAD Video Downloader for Instagram, Repost- Instasaver from Google Playstore

1. Please get the PERMISSION from the owner before you repost or download videos or photos.
2. We are not responsible for any intellectual property violation that results from an unauthorized repost or download of a video or photo.
3. This video downloader Apps is not associated with Instagram.

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