Stock market Apps


Putting resources into the stock market seems absurd and confusing almost to everybody. It’s an incredible method to plan for retirement or even a means of passive income. You don’t necessarily need to go to a bank or a financial institution before you could start investing in the stock market. You can simply trade from your android mobile device. “Stock market apps for android and iOS” will enlighten you on this topic as we press further.

Stock market Apps
Best Stock market Apps

Here are some incredible apps, accessible on Android gadgets and iOS gadgets, that can assist you with following the high points and low points of the market each day.

Best Stock market apps for android and iOS

StockTwits is one of the stock market apps for android and iOS is very social. Not only that you could invest with it, but you could also chat with investors all over the net who are also trading with the app. There is a particular chat for each stock page and also a general chat for all stock markets. A distinct list will show market-specific stocks that are in the news, popular with top investors and traders.

There is automatic and hand-curated stock lists and news highlights that will help you discover some new investment ideas and a novice or an expert. The application provides an up-to-date earnings calendar and also along with a complete cryptocurrency segment, so you can view stocks with upcoming earnings reports. With StockTwits, you can also make money online, connect with brokerage accounts from the likes of Robinhood and Fidelity to trade from the app.

Download: StockTwits for iOS | Android

Real-Time Stocks Tracker

As the name implies, the real-time stocks tracker provides live streaming stock information. It is a stock market app for android and iOS that helps you create watch lists and stock portfolios. It also helps you track these lists and portfolios.

The app offers a piece of nice information on the page of each stock. The information offered includes trading comments and technical indicators. the app comes with some customized alert functions as users are able to set a particular stock price. By so doing, the stock price will appear as a notification as to the app badge. Apart from these, you can also scan stocks with the filter that will allow you to input price, market, EPS, and other things.

Download: Real-time Stocks Tracker for iOS | Android

Ticker Stock Portfolio Manager

Ticker Stock Portfolio is one of the Stock market apps for android and iOS that offers a great number of features. With this app, you can view the full portfolio metrics for the last three years. If you have multiple portfolios, you can view their overall positions, including their profit and loss without stress.

The app has a push notification that provides alerts for different triggers like volume, price, percent changes, and many other things.

Download: Ticker Stock Portfolio Manager for iOS | Android [Not available]

Yahoo Finance

The Yahoo Finance app is one of the stock market apps for android and iOS that is well in informing investors and traders on Finance. The app tracks a personal portfolio and comes with real-time stock information.

The app also gives information on currencies and bonds, commodities, and world markets. If you turn your smartphone into landscape mode, you would be able to view full-screen charts. This landscape mode provides additional information on stock. This app also past track of the market.

Download: Yahoo Finance for iOS | Android

This app is the official app for the website, The app comes with a comprehensive economic calendar. The calendar provides an update on world economic and financial events. This app is one of the stock market apps for android and iOS that offers live charts and quotes for up to 100,000 various stocks. There is a feature to create customized portfolios to help keep watch of stocks and many other things. Alerts can be received through the app for a specific price and percentage or for an economic event.

Download: for iOS | Android

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